Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine

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Automatic shot blasting machine used to remove the various layers of paint, rust and corrosion from the LPG cylinders. Eficiently clean theLPG cylinder surface by blasting it with steel shots.


  • Improve the cylinder's appearance.
  • Optimal preparation of the cylinder surface for the paint application.
  • Rust removal and corrosion protection.
  • Staff reduction.
  • Shot reuse.
  • LPG cylinders life time extension.
  • Filtered out. Dust particle filtering system for the reuse of shot.
  • Speed reaulator, The speed at which the cylinders pass through the blasting cabin can be reaulated according to the state in which they are.
  • Tungsten. Shot blasting booths made of high-strength metal alloys and covered with a tungsten plate.
  • Environmental certificate. Minimum dust emission certification according to NOM-010-STPS 1999.
  • 0ccupational noise certificate. Noise level emission certification in work environments according to NOM-011-STPS-2001



    We have several models to adapt to the needs of each client.

  • 10G-30
  • 10G-100
  • 10G-200
  • 10G-SB4
  • 10G-SB6
  • 10G-SB8
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