Refrigerant Cylinder Production Line

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According to the specification of the workpiece, punch the workpiece of the corresponding specification;

After the workpiece is punched, the upper and lower bottle bodies are stretched (automatic stretching is adopted to reduce unsafe hidden dangers caused by manual operation); (According to needs,the upper and lower bottles are equipped with a set of stretching machines for automatic punching, automatic trimming,automatic jogging);

Desktop pretreatment and moisture drying equipment

Process flow:


Dripping water(1.2min)


Dripping water(1.5min)

Washing 1(0.8min)


Washing 2(0.8min)

Dripping water(1.5min)

Washing 3(0.8min)

Dripping water(1.0min)

Washing 4(0.8min)

Dripping+blowing water 1.4min

Water drying(16.0min)—Download

Refrigerant Cylinder Production Line插图1
Refrigerant Cylinder Production Line插图2
Welding and pressure test equipment

After the moisture is dried,it is connected to a flat conveying line to welding.

After the half-bottle body is assembled,it enters the welding process.

After the bottle body is welded,it will automatically flow to the chain conveyor line behind machine,and then be transported to the pressure test conveyor line after the automatic grinding and welding machine.

After the pressure test is completed,proceed to the next process,moisture drying and powder spraying.

Moisture drying and paint drying system

The heating of the drying tunnel adopts the hot air circulation method.Its advantage is that the temperature in the drying tunnel is uniform,and the temperature difference between the middle and the lower three points ,along the cross section of the track is less than ±5℃.

The heating chamber is arranged in the lower part of the box.The hot air blower is used for circulation,and the circulation method adopts the downward air supply and the downward return air mode,which eliminates the upper return air and external return air ducts,and reduces the heat loss.

To enable me give you correct proposal for correct machines,please tell me following details:

  • Technical drawing of the cylinders you want to make?
  • What size of cylinder you want to produce?
  • Are you new in this area or you already have some machines in the workshop?
  • Capacity you require, many pieces and sizes you want to make per day?


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