Propane Gas Cylinder Production Lines

Following lines could be delivered at turnkey basis

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Blanking & Body Forming Line

Welding, Heat Treatment and Hydrostatic Testing Line

Valve Guard Ring & Foot Ring Production Line

Valve Neck (Valve Boss or Neck Ring) Production Line

Surface Coating Line

Finishing Line with Pneumatic Testing

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Propane gas cylinder halves are formed in gas Cylinder Body Forming Line. Demanded hourly capacity of the propane gas Cylinder Production Plant determines the selected machinery in the Body Forming Line. If needed gas Cylinder Production Capacity is high, all body forming work can be done as automatic as customer requests.

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KLT produces machinery for propane gas Cylinder halves to be trimmed and beaded at the same operation. Depending on the customer request, trimming die and beading die can be separated. This way with a single additional machinery, you can conform to the existing production line and increase your production numbers.

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Propane gas Cylinder Guard Ring (Shroud, Collar) protects the valve from damages. Guard Ring designs can change according to customer country. It can be a full circle or a nearly half circle depending on the customer request. Also the number of the plates on the cylinder-to-guard ring connection, height of the plates and writings on the plates changes in every country’s regulation.

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Propane gas Cylinder Bottom Ring protects the propane gas Cylinder’s bottom from damages.Bottom Ring designs can change according to customer country. propane gas cylinder Bottom Ring diameter, height, material quality, material thickness, welded parts’ length,availability of the holes at the sides, shape and number of the holes are designed differently on every propane gas cylinder producer country.

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Propane gas Cylinder body generally consists of two half cylinder welded around the center. For LPG Cylinders where the height of the cylinder is much more than the diameter of the cylinder one metal sheet rolled to a cylinder shape, welded in the longitudinal, then two lids are welded on the top and on the bottom of the cylinder.

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After production of the propane gas Cylinder, they must be tested to maintain the high production quality. Main propane gas Cylinder Quality Controls are as follows:Material Specification Control;Mechanical Tests of the Material;Chemical Analysis of the Material;Welding Wire Specification Control (welding thickness control);Zinc Wire Specification Control (Metallization thickness control);Visual Control of the Paint;Painting Thickness Control;Hydrostatic Testing;Pneumatic Testing;Thread of Valve Boss Control;Valve Specification Control

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Propane gas Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnace with a driven conveyor system for the conveying of the cylinders. The cylinders pass through the oven from entry to exit side on the conveying system for the proper heat treatment process with preheating, heating and cooling steps.

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Propane gas Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine is used to automatically clean the surface of the LPG cylinders by blasting of the grit material coming from the turbines of the machine in a confined chamber. The LPG cylinders get shot blasted as they pass through the blasting chamber on the base of the machine. The cylinders also get rotated on the rollers as they pass through to ensure the cleaning of the complete surface.

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Metallization line will provide corrosion protection for propane gas Cylinders and it will increase lifetime of propane gas Cylinders.

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Propane gas Cylinder Painting Line

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Propane gas Cylinder Testing Line.Every new produced propane gas cylinders are tested in Air Leakage Testing Machine, Hydrostatic Testing Machine and Bursting Machine in this testing line. It is important to ensure the production quality is maintained in all phases of the propane gas cylinder Production and the end product is good enough to be used in public.

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