LNG Gas CylinderMachinery Production Line

LNG Gas CylinderMachinery Production Line插图
Model NO.EN source
Production ScopeParts Production Line
Cylinder SpecificationInner Tank/Outer Tank
Length of Tube Section (mm)1500-1700
Max Weight (Kg)500
RhythmNon Flow Production Line
After-sales Service3-Year Warranty
Diameter Range (mm)850
Tank Length (mm)2050

·Note: all the machines of our company are customized. Please consult the salesman for specific parameters

LNG Gas CylinderMachinery Production Line插图1

01 LNG Gas cylinder machinery produaction line

The LNG cylinder production line of EN source company is used to store liquefied natural gas.
As we all know, liquefied natural gas is the most environmentally friendly and clean energy in the world, but the transportation and storage of natural gas is relatively difficult, and it needs to maintain a constant temperature or cryogenic(low temperature) environment.
The LNG projects provided by our company perfectly solve this problem.

LNG Gas CylinderMachinery Production Line插图2

02 LNG Gas cylinder machinery produaction line Details

Length of  tube
Tank length
Max weight
1Inner tankΦ8501500205024006Cr19nI10
2Outer tankΦ8501700205046006Cr19nI10


03 LNG Gas cylinder machinery production line Process flow

LNG Gas CylinderMachinery Production Line插图3

04 Composition of LNG cylinder machinery production line

LNG Gas CylinderMachinery Production Line插图4

05 Detailed machine parameters of LNG cylinder machinery production line

LNG Gas CylinderMachinery Production Line插图5

LNG cylinder machinery production line

Longitudinal seam welding machine

Scope of application:
This equipment is specially used for the longitudinal seam welding of the outer tank of LNG welding insulated gas cylinder.
Workpiece material: austenitic stainless steel.
Workpiece thickness: 2.5mm~6.0mm.
Weld joint form: I-type butt joint.
Diameter range: φ508mm~φ758mm.

LNG cylinder machinery production line

Seam welding equipment for inner and outer bladder

Welding process and equipment characteristics:
Operation mode: simultaneous welding with two guns, single operation.
Equipment jacking pressure: not less than 3 tons (adjustable jacking pressure).
The quality of the equipment host: not less than 5.0 tons.
Workpiece placement method: the welding torch is fixed and the work piece rotates.
Diameter range: φ508mm~φ758mm.
The length of the barrel: 500mm~1800mm.

LNG Gas CylinderMachinery Production Line插图6
LNG Gas CylinderMachinery Production Line插图7

LNG cylinder machinery production line

LNG cylinder vacuum system

LNG cylinder Equipment usage:
The number of vacuum bottles to be pumped in each group is not less than 36.
After each group of gas cylinders are vacuumed, the final vacuum at the vacuum plug will reach 5×10-2Pa.
The helium leak detection rate of the overall spray gun of the equipment is ≤1×10-9Pa·m3/s.
The replacement nitrogen pressure is controlled below the absolute pressure of 80KPa.

LNG cylinder machinery production line

Work efficiency of polishing machine

Welding process and equipment characteristics:
The surface of the workpiece is polished. After the first polishing wheel passes through the eighth one in order, the required finish can be achieved Ra≤0.8
The working cycle is about 20 minutes or so.
The equipment is welded with high-quality steel, the surface is finished after welding, and the front and rear feeding racks are 2m each.

LNG Gas CylinderMachinery Production Line插图8

06 Detailed machine parameters of LNG cylinder machinery production line

Equipment site environment and work requirements

    • (1) Ambient temperature: -6ºC~45ºC
    • (2) Relative humidity: ≤90%

(3) Power supply: 380V±10%
(4) Frequency: 50HZ±2%
(5) Compressed air: 0.6Mpa

Installation requirements

LNG Gas cylinder produaction line ompressed air, nitrogen, argon, tap water, cooling water and other public power pipelines required by the station equipment, as well as the workshop crane, ground track and installation, embedded parts, functional auxiliary room, compartment, floor surface treatment, wall and roof opening, hole repair and other civil engineering, gas pipeline laying.


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