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LPG cylinder stretching output calculation table

The world’s high-efficiency output LPG cylinder automatic production line is 4-4.5 pieces/min. Advantages of CANON company equipment:Fully automatic operation, increased production capacity, no additional personnel, only adjustment of equipment. Applicable manufacturers: companies that have increased the production capacity of the original LPG cylinder production line New plant for mass production of LPG cylinders

Remarks: The calculation of the above output up to 8 hours already includes 1 hour of rest time.

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Wuxi Canon Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. will be established in Wuxi city,Jiangsu province,China,The target market is mainly in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, providing customers with a complete LPG,LNG cylinder,etc and tank manufacturing production line, raw material supply and after-sales service and other overall solutions.

Thanks to the ever-expanding market demand in developing countries, relying on a strong design&technical team and professional after-sales team, we have provided a complete set of production solutions for several large domestic steel cylinder factories in just a few years, and exported 5 lines to Africa And South Asia, also help customers from East Asia and Eastern Europe to renovate 3 production lines.

In the future, we will continue to dig deeper in the “Belt and Road” region countries, and plan to set up three after-sales service centers in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East within 3-5 years to provide customers with better services.

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Best Material Quality

KLT uses the best material quality for machinery production. We maintain consistent high quality between our products, so that the whole LPG cylinder production line will operate flawlessly without the high repair costs.

New Technological Equipments

The technology used in production determines the end product quality. KLT never uses or offers an equipment that is behind the needs of the today’s technology.

Just In-Time

Supplyment, Production and Transportation of the materials, equipments and end-products are carefully scheduled. Whole time-schedule and process of the work is reported to the customer by KLT to prevent misunderstandings and surprises for latency.

Guarantee Your Work

We give you 12 months of guarantee with our expert team after the installment of the production line.

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